Generating Traffic: Content is Crucial

Content is Crucial - The Uniquiness of your website counts

Most search engines find and categorize websites based on the content of the site - the text that is on the website page. The home page text is especially important and, generally speaking, should contain at least 200-300 words.

As an example, if a web page contains the words "homemade candles", and someone searches for those exact same words, the site would theoretically appear in the search results. It may not appear in the number one position, but it should appear somewhere in the list.

Website content is what makes it a website a success. Without good and unique content no ordinary website can gain popularity. The effort and time spent on developing content that is both unique and informative will never go to waste.

Content with keywords

Content should be developed around a set of keywords. As you know, people find a website by searching with keywords provided in the search box of search engines. Millions of web pages are matched against these keywords and the most relevant web pages are shown as the result. To satisfy the strict requirements of search engines, you must have content built on keywords that are normally used to search your kind of website. Be creative on your content development by using keywords in a most efficient way without hindering the readability.

Informative Content

If a new visitor finds your content informative, there is a great chance to bring him or her back again to your website. People who visit a new site are looking for something that can improve his or her existing idea about something related with your content. Ensure that the content you host in your web pages is authentic and reliable.


Once you've figured out two or 3 search phrases you want to use in your pages, write your content using those phrases as many times as you can, without making it sound ridiculous. For your pet sitting site you may end up with something like this:

"Welcome to Acme Pet Sitting in South Shields. We offer the finest pet sitting services in the South Shields, Bellevue and King County area."

"At Acme Pet Sitting, our pet sitters believe that caring for your pet while you're away is an important element in keeping your pet happy and content. Our team of South Shields and Bellevue pet sitters is skilled at…blah, blah & blah".

Right there in the first two sentences there are numerous occurrences of likely keywords: "pet", "pet sitting", and "pet sitters". In addition, incorporating the location helps since, odds are, someone in the South Shields area looking for a pet sitter is going to search for "South Shields pet sitter".


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