Generating Traffic: Promoting your Website

Promoting your web site

Getting people to visit your web site

Your website can be one of the most effective marketing tools available for promoting your business. However, it's a common misconception that, the moment your website goes live, thousands of people will immediately find it and purchase the products or services being offered. The reality is not quite so simple. To get to your website, people have to know it's there – your website has to be promoted so it in turn will promote your business.

Traditional methods for promoting your website

Some of the most important methods available for promoting your website are surprisingly traditional: Tell people about it verbally. Tell them about it in writing. Put your website address on everything you can – business cards, brochures, letterhead, print ads, the side of your delivery truck, the signature on your e-mail, and your company pens. You would be amazed how many companies fail to take these simple but crucial steps.

Using the search engines to promote your website

When people think of website promotion, the first thing they usually think of is search engines, such as Google and Yahoo. There's no doubt that having your website listed in the search engines is an important element of getting visitors to your site.

It's a letdown for many people to find out that their website does not automatically appear in the search engines the moment the site is placed online. Getting listed on Google, for instance, can take many months.

So, an important thing to remember when your site first becomes live: save yourself some fretting and don't immediately start searching for it on Google. You won't find it. At least not right away.

Submitting to the search engines

Once your website pages are completed and all of the content is incorporated, the site is submitted to the search engines. Usually this is done by the website designer. The search engines offer this service at no charge.

After submitting, you have to wait to see results. Search engines do not guarantee that you will be listed at all, although most sites eventually are. Sometimes it may take submitting more than once before a site is accepted. How long you have to wait depends on the search engine, but you should usually allow a number of months.

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